Friday, March 28, 2008


Im startin 2 realize its almost time for me to be a grown up. This week at FDA(my school) it was senior week.. its startin 2 sink in.. im really a senior and im really about 2 go 2 college.. im goin 2 skool in a hour or so and 2day is senior t shirt day and im happy and kind of sad at the same time..damn, friends that i've been in school with since 1st grade i may no longer see.. im tryna make the best of this senior year before i go out into the real world
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Special Dose....

NO$LEEPgetmoney here... shouts to my lil' cuzo...BLOOD runnin through our viens...Just had to post on here cuz you ARE the FUTURE!!! Good Luck on your travels and stay foucused...Look in the sky.....It's sHOWtuFLI.....2wenty4our7even

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New work

Recently i've been working on my mixtape. I realized i've been tryin to make it perfect. So now im just gonna release classiCK.O presents Show"NTell.. which is basically some songs that I did recently and as far as 2 years ago.. I have to make some kind of introduction. The concept I made for the song Show and Tell was to basically introduce myself to the listener. Thus the title for the mixtape, which is my introduction to the listener. I am currently working on other music. (another mixtape, some songs for my album, and classiCK.O music)
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