Monday, July 27, 2009

Freestyle CDR

this was a lil freestyle i spit while on Crack Distributors Radio, i enjoyed myself that day


Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebrate Addiction

here is a new well old song that was leaked..

i actually recorded this song when i was 17, around the time when i first got out the hospital from having a stroke..

people may think the song is jus about a girl but i was literally heroin in the song.. and i was talkin to a girl that was on heroin as if we were in a relationship.. i sed lines like "i inject in her vains thru the ink pens" .. the girl was struggling with her addiction to the point where her boyfriend left her and she became suicidal.. the song is deep and i tried to not make it so obvious that i was actually heroin , but if u listen closely u will understand.. i wrote the song as if it was a movie,, i can actually picture the whole video in my head every time i hear it.. this is one of my favorite songs by myself. so enjoy


Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Thought

wen things get a lil rough i find myself listening to john mayer all over again.. if u listen he says some of the realest shit that almost anyone can relate to..whether it be about everyday life or relationships..continuum is like therapy to me as i sit hear listenin to "I dont trust myself with loving you".. the realest line he said on this is "i will beg my way into your garden, and then i'll break my way out when it rains, just to get back to the place where i started, so i can want you back all over again" .. some relationships are funny, and it seems as tho they leave and come back and leave and come back.. but hey its part of life

i gotta chill out and focus on my future more, imma stop smoking for a while and see where it gets me, see wat kind of mind frame it puts me in.. i jus wanna try something new..

im still working on ReversePsychology .. and it will be my best work so far.. thats why im making a couple changes in my life.. im at a point where sumthin needs to happen.. something needs to change so imma start with myself

today was a slow day, i stayed home all day, sumtimes i need to jus stay in the house and have some time to myself and with my family.. lets see what tommoro brings


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today I will be on Crack Distributors Radio @ 6pm .. go to to hear the interview.. will be talkin about fox 5 series, and plans for the future..
shout out to Shine, Chance, Holley Monelle, and Jintrovert.. thanks for letting me come on your show.. everybody tune in..


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I kno im going to hear "y this wasnt on the greatest show, y that wasnt on the greatest show".. the tracklisting was picked with a certain feel and flow to it.. i wanted it 2 sound like a real album instead of a greatest hits.. so certain songs didnt really fit.. i also wanted 2 keep it down to 14 tracks and still ended up with 15.. so dont get mad if one of your favorite tracks isnt on it please lol..
i hope u guys enjoy


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pollitically Incorrect

Statin my independence on this one.....

Jus a lil something to show...It's not always about the flash...

But this is one way we can reach The Fli Life.....

Malcom X:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do You......

Want ME?????

The Greatest Show....

Will be droppin 7/7.....a blessed will be the best songs from The Fox 5 Series....

Any suggestions||????......It's already done, but i'd like to see what yall want.....

Also check the next post for some new musick to hold you over for the 4th.......

Thursday, July 2, 2009


so currently im workin on an ep, me woody and charles discussed it and we are aiming to release it in late august/ september .. im lookin for other dope producers to work on it as well .. im still tryna figure out who i wuld like to feature on it.. not 2 many , no more than 3 people.. the ep is titled ReversePsychology .. lol i like that name .. with the whole fox 5 it wasnt like i wasnt taking it serious i jus know i culd go harder.. i really wanted 2 c who wuld fuck with me for me .. i wanted 2 know who and if people even would accept me .. thats how me and charles came up with the name for the next ep..
i am also doing a project with woody titled yellow pagess .. woody has been swamped with work so im not sure when this will be done, i'll keep u guys updated..
i also apologize for my lack of blogging.. anyone who knows me knows im a laid back dude and i dont talk much but watever, imma blog more, even if i have nothing 2 say.. so wen u c me on twitter remind me 2 UPDATE MY BLOG ..
im upstate at the studio now, jus recorded a song with a janet sample... dope.. im about 2 head back 2 harlem in a minute.. this weekend is july 4th should be dope.. my cousin john is celebrating his bday 2morro so happy early birthday 2 him even tho he wont read this since he's like never on the internet but watever lol