Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebrate Addiction

here is a new well old song that was leaked..

i actually recorded this song when i was 17, around the time when i first got out the hospital from having a stroke..

people may think the song is jus about a girl but i was literally heroin in the song.. and i was talkin to a girl that was on heroin as if we were in a relationship.. i sed lines like "i inject in her vains thru the ink pens" .. the girl was struggling with her addiction to the point where her boyfriend left her and she became suicidal.. the song is deep and i tried to not make it so obvious that i was actually heroin , but if u listen closely u will understand.. i wrote the song as if it was a movie,, i can actually picture the whole video in my head every time i hear it.. this is one of my favorite songs by myself. so enjoy



ChrisdotRivera said...

dang ....
thats crazy ...
so you where the heroin that she was on in the song?

"she pretend she dont love me around all her friends"

"i know he love you but i can love you in a better way"

thats hott

MDP said...

One of my favorites. Real smooth and chill.

Keep on, SHow.

~UpSet the SetUp.~

DJ Shynin said...

I got it on my blog now I hope you don't mind that I uploaded it to Imeem so that I could put it on there...I like the mood that it sets...i refer it as "a smooth head nodder"

DJ Shynin

ArtistDFuture said...

dammm...dats some deep stuff ....i didnt get it..till i read this...thought it was about some after ur explanation on it...i see exactly what u feel!!...crazy!!!!