Wednesday, June 17, 2009


jus wanted 2 say im a lil overwhelmed with the feedback i been getting on This Fli Life.. it was very unexpected.. but i do appreciate it very much, im happy you guys enjoyed it.. this really means alot 2 me.. motivation to keep making music so stay tuned..

life is funny..its ironic.. damn i cant find the right word 2 say but it seems as if things are planned jus gonna continue doing wat im doin and hopefully i'll b at the top someday


by the way
for those of you who have been asking about charles.. charles is fine, he is laying low for a lil while but he's good.. as far as i kno this perfect life will not b droppin YET unless charles tells u guys something different. i dont like speakin on situations that are not mines but i have been asked alot and i know some people have been worried.. also me and charles are still friends for the people who been thinking otherwise (dont even understand where that would come from)..All Love

Monday, June 15, 2009

A clasSick Show presents:

As Promised......

sHOW tuFLI???

Near The End Of Fox 5

so fox 5 is over tonight at 12 am.. alot of people have been asking what mynext move..
well i will not crawl into a hole and u never hear about me again.. im gonna keep putting music out consistently.. u shuld b seeing alot more of me.. now that u guys have enough music to pick from and put on ya ipods im free to do more.. i can spend more time on projects and songs.. please note that everything that was done during Fox 5 is songs i did in a week to 3 week span.. so now i feel like its a lil stress off my shoulders as far as releasing music.. dont get me wrong i really enjoyed doing Fox 5 and will be doin a Fox 5 part 2 in the near future..
Fox 5 really helped me improve as an artist, it was the first 5 projects ever released by myself.. im still only 19 and have alot of time to grow as a person as well as an patient with me
so thank everyone that has been listenin 2 this "yung kid from Harlem who hangs out with Charles Hamilton"..
thank the whole demevolist, hcho, b/a, nate, prove, j means, isa, apryl, woody, hitmen Beat Assasins, Sha-Leik, Saintvil, Black, Jay West, Dara from SubCon, my cuzin clasSick Chris, XV, Esso, Sciryl, 2dopeboyz , .. everyone that put my shit up and of course Charles Hamilton
if i 4got 2 mention u my fault i smoke bud
so until 12 am


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sit Down/Shut It Down....

My next single offa This Fli Life is...."Sit Down"

I also put a lil freestyle in there for yall....."Shut It Down"

Yall gon se alot more from me real next week soon/....

"This Fli Life" June 16th.............

How Fli..........