Monday, June 15, 2009

Near The End Of Fox 5

so fox 5 is over tonight at 12 am.. alot of people have been asking what mynext move..
well i will not crawl into a hole and u never hear about me again.. im gonna keep putting music out consistently.. u shuld b seeing alot more of me.. now that u guys have enough music to pick from and put on ya ipods im free to do more.. i can spend more time on projects and songs.. please note that everything that was done during Fox 5 is songs i did in a week to 3 week span.. so now i feel like its a lil stress off my shoulders as far as releasing music.. dont get me wrong i really enjoyed doing Fox 5 and will be doin a Fox 5 part 2 in the near future..
Fox 5 really helped me improve as an artist, it was the first 5 projects ever released by myself.. im still only 19 and have alot of time to grow as a person as well as an patient with me
so thank everyone that has been listenin 2 this "yung kid from Harlem who hangs out with Charles Hamilton"..
thank the whole demevolist, hcho, b/a, nate, prove, j means, isa, apryl, woody, hitmen Beat Assasins, Sha-Leik, Saintvil, Black, Jay West, Dara from SubCon, my cuzin clasSick Chris, XV, Esso, Sciryl, 2dopeboyz , .. everyone that put my shit up and of course Charles Hamilton
if i 4got 2 mention u my fault i smoke bud
so until 12 am



gnmgnt said...

Nah man, you def Pulled yourself away from charles with this series, even tho the last project is based off of his music, but either way, Fox 5 definitely made it so I hear Show TuFli and Charles Hamilton and not "that dude that be rappin on some of charles' songs"

Tori Cheyenne said...

ditto kiddo
You still my fave rapper Mr. TuFli

Kal said...

Gotta agree with the above.
You've shown after each release that the world should see you as Show TuFli and not just CH's main man even tho you dropped dope features and songs before Fox 5 the growth is evident and appreciated. You take this seriously and I respect you for it.
How can I & Pepto are two of my favorite songs from series.
Keep it coming Show and take your time fam don't get to stressed.
Your fans wouldn't like that!