Monday, March 30, 2009

Next Up on Fox 5

ok so i have officially started workin on the outkast project.. its comin out how i wanted.. the music is gonna b a lil spacey.. u kno?.. more creative than the last one.. if it sounds 2 different dont worry.. im jus doin my thang my thang lol... nah but i want every project on this fox 5 series 2 sound different.. so jus rock out wit me.. the first single is called Fashion Avenue.. its dropping tonight so look out for that.. its pretty much a record 2 get fly and feel real cocky too.. it might b the only record on the project like that the other songs are more on sum reall shit,, however i ws feeling wen i wrote it.. and its produced by Woody soo..


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Her album came out the same day as my project

the kanye nigga gotta chill tho, werd!


Without A Doubt


heres the link

this is the first project off of the Fox 5 series.. this was more like an introduction to me.. i hope you enjoy it.. the next project im gonna b doin is the outkast one.. and its only gettin better.. stay tuned


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Texas BBQ

so im sitting in the Hilton Garden Inn.. im jus chillin listening 2 beats, chuck is playing the new beats he made while out here.. im enjoying texas but still thinking about home.. i left alot back at home..(hold on my boi sean calling me) so i've been performing with chuck, got interviewed at a show yesterday.. went to a lounge where a rock band played, walked the streets of sxsw.. and its better than i expected, i wasnt 2 sure if i would like this "Texas Trip" but its we performed at a barbershop.. but like in the backyard of a barbershop.. and it was deadass a stage outside.. that was my first time like performin outside.. it reminded of the scene in the movie old school when snoop performed at the party lol in the middle of our performance i noticed the crowd started 2 get real excited at a random part of the i looked behind me and it was a old lady on the roof dancing lol.. shit was dope..she was waving her hands in the sky the crowd was waving their hands with her..shit was crazy..sum footage should be up 2morro
.. 2morrow is a big day.. so i decided 2 cool out at the hotel..gotta get up early..
i kinda feel out of my zone right now but im adjusting..bout to rest
dream love prolly a new song title


SXSW DAy 2 Homie!

shit was crazy, not so good day 1 but good day 2, sum mardi gras type shit, i like SXSW



this wuld only happen 2 Chuck lol

Video Blog # 2!

this was like 3 days ago but fukk it, i been busy


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally Uploaded!

first video blog, there shuld b many more 2 come..


Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Can I

new single off of Without A Doubt, which is the first project off the Fox 5 series


Thats Wassup!

null - Watch more free videos

these niggas is real lol.. they was not goin down, they turned it all the way up
im wak for the title 2, but coming from harlem we do not like any kind of authority.. its one thing 2 protect and serve, its another thing 2 power trip and harrass,feel me?
in this case i don't kno the circumstances but something must of happened for the problem 2 escalate to an all out brawl


Friday, March 13, 2009

PAUSE of the century...

AYO thursday flow lol


Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Demevolist 1st order of Business disc 2

this is the link for disc 2

by the way Charles will be on Late Night with carson Daly tonight at 1:30 not last night lol, so check that out shuld b cool.. im performing with him 2


Monday, March 2, 2009

Needs to Be Adressed

lol aight so 2night Demevolist First Order Of Business Disc 2 is dropping..

also Charles is going 2 be on Carson Daly Late NIght (PAUSE thats the od pause my fault) on March 3, so i think that might technically be tonight, if not 2night 2morro night..

yea thats it



Penn State showed us wild love, we really appreciate that.. we had fun performing, the crowd was hype and had alot of energy.. we also had fun after the show, we stuck around, and hung out on campus and off campus.. them penn state niggas party hard
i actually was signing autographs and taking pictures, that shit was crazy
check me out on facebook A. Show Hunter