Monday, March 2, 2009


Penn State showed us wild love, we really appreciate that.. we had fun performing, the crowd was hype and had alot of energy.. we also had fun after the show, we stuck around, and hung out on campus and off campus.. them penn state niggas party hard
i actually was signing autographs and taking pictures, that shit was crazy
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Anonymous said...

Yo Tell me what its like? Getting SO MUCH LOVE from people you dont know...Ive hhad a taste Ironically its off of Chucks Brooklyn Girls Beat....we made something called Morgan Girls here at Morgan and the school loves it...Right nowwe are just upstarts but we hope to be on you twos level one day...Holla back TuFlii

Show said...

shit is crazzy my nigga, im jus gettin used 2 it, i was shocked wen people was asking for autographs and pics, the most important thing is 2 stay humble tho