Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Without A Doubt


heres the link

this is the first project off of the Fox 5 series.. this was more like an introduction to me.. i hope you enjoy it.. the next project im gonna b doin is the outkast one.. and its only gettin better.. stay tuned



Nate R said...

Nice Show. Can't get enough of all demev. Is Yung Nate or J-Means doing nething on they own? I think I read on Nate's blog that he had was doing a solo project. Whuterr man. Keep that fire comin.

Nate R said...

Listen'd through a couple times now, bout to put that shiiit on the iphone and then go blaze and listen again.

That Night & Day track is killer on FOB Side 2. I gotta big up CH for puttin u in the forefront of my music vision. At first I couldn't get enough of Charles, but then w/ Staff Development, FOB 1 & 2, and Ayo! These Niggas Went Hollywood, I can't get enough of the whole Demev fam.

Your music is a breath of fresh air in an industry (major label music in general) that is filled with a putrid smell.

As long as you and the others keep puttin it out, I'ma listen. Also, I'll be checkin the blog for your thoughts now toooo.

Can't wait for the rest of Fox 5, specially the Em tape. I kno you'll do it justice.

Take it easy man

D. Summers said...

Lovin the mixtape, been on repeat since i downloaded it

And I agree with Nate, The whole Demevolist group is mad dope

N.Sosa said...

mixtape is dope.
Anything else favorite track.
keep doing your thing ! <3

Repryx said...

WTF is this I hope you enjoy BS???

U KNEW we was Show! KEep doin what you do!

BTW Got the Beats by Dre...UR mixtap plus them phones....CRACK