Monday, April 28, 2008

Show and Tell

its been a lil minute.. lets see.. i turned 18.. i went 2 miami for a week.. had fun..gotta go bak..came back and made music.. me and charles.. i mean me and sonic finished our mixtape in two days.. shit is crack.. dont gotta talk much more about it but the shit is crack.. will be up soon.. i worked on sum music for the go getter mixtape as well.. we should have a photoshoot this weekend.. trump got sum shit.. my cuz came up so did kenji, they hung out in the studio while we were recording sonic and tails mixtape.. oh yea that shit is crack by the way.. anywho im doin wat i do.same shit different day.jus had 2 catch up wit yall.. more 2 come

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fuk is dis nigga talkin bout

aight gillie we all kno yu aight but yu not quite good enough..i fukked wit yu but undersatnd that you are not the king of philly..he goes 2 cass hood twice and get niggas 2 talk on dvd for wat???? he still not a star.. and for the record everybody got hater niggas in they pretty sure its niggas in cass hood dat fuk wit him..everybody hate a nigga wit money smh
Show TuFli


jus turned 18 in the 11th.. doesn't feel much sayin i been buying dutches its kinda cool..i get 2 be in the 18 and over age bracket now.. im gettin old.. almost on my own.. im startin to know what people mean when they say stay young..i jus had one of the best weekends i had in a long time.. it was kool.. o yea my man Q came home on my bday.. shit was him smakked fresh out.. im off to miami 2morro.. M.I.A in M.I.A listenin to M.I.A
Show TuFli

Sunday, April 6, 2008


yesterday was a interesting day.. i chilled with c ham and hcho.. we had a good conversation about almost everything.. not jus the music business but everything..i learned alot.. hopefully i should be flying out 2 l.a this month..chill, see l.a and work on sum music..that should b an experience.. my album will be titled HOW FLI, which are the last letters in show tufli.. shouts to Demevolist!
Show TuFli or should I say sHOW tuFLI?


imma start by saying most of yall is out of yall mind.. whatever happened to a genuine female?? a non bullshitter.. and stop acting like yall faithful..out of all the girls in the world its about 2 or 3 of yall that dont cheat.. dats a damn shame lol jus had 2 let yall kno that i kno..
on another note: my top female celebs
cassie is badd, umm lauren london, meagan good, kerry washington and many more
and jill scott could get it on a sober night..nah matterfact a sober day