Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interview with

Show TuFli - The Best Is Yet To Come

Before getting into the interview, much respect to the guy for doing this interview with an up & coming blog like All The New Music.

All The New Music: Ok, first off, what can we expect from the album? Production from Woody? Charles Hamilton? Any collaborations?

Show TuFli: Out in Cali right now...recording............

The Album is ReversePsychology and it drops 01022010...get it??? But you can expect the usual suspects on the album and some surprises, all original music.collabos will be a surprise... The album actually tells the story of the way i came into music by showing the differnt eras and styles of music that influenced me. Its broken in parts and each style of music will represent the period of life i was in at that point or where we are going to take music... We kinda wanna bring the substance back to where when you listened to an album str8 thru, you were there in that moment....Think..."The Love Below" meets "The Chronic" meets "Illmatic" at an Erykah Badu and Linkin Park concert.....

Also Look out for Fox 5 '10 "Full Coverage" dropping at the top of the year....

ATNM: Kind of a random question, but how'd you come up with your name? It took me a minute to get the How Fli thing haha.

ST: Your really the first one to ask...I used to go by the name Showtime when i started rappin at 14, 15....and in the hood they used to call my pops Fly, for obvious i was always a little him so I was 2Fly.....Then I wanted something original, I really didnt want to run wit it, but my cuz can tell the future, and it always seems corny, but rings he said run wit Show 2Fly and i just spelled it different...But yeah anything I do has substance and a story,..... nuthing is for no reason...

ATNM: Who got you into hip hop? Any album/rapper in particular that has influenced your style?

ST: I really grew up on R&B....My uncle really only listened to R&B so thats my nature, and i used to sing in a choir when i was young so music was always there. But when I was like 12 or 13 my voice started to change and my cousin was doing his thing with the music so i just started to gravitate towards rap....Shouts to the homie Timeout........I listened to all kinds of rappers but we keep it close wit the influences...always looking to influence others and give style to the world...Original, Classick, Timeless

ATNM: For aspiring rappers, when did you start writing/rapping? What advice would you offer anyone trying to get into rapping?

ST: Like I said i always been doing music, but the first time i laid a track down was 15....but i been writing since about 12.and I'm only 19!!!

...Trying to get in the game.....First ima keep it funky.....If your music aint quality and your making the same thing thats hot now!!....give it up..You have to always be Future..and if not gotta make them see the light....them being the labels or people in general........We are all not meant to be artists....Yeah thats the thing right now, to be an artist....But now,, we need Lawyers for the artists, Doctors, Judges, Teachers....We need to be the people in control.....Thats my plan... to get in the game and make changes....Thats what RP is about....the music draws you in, but its the message in the lyrics that keep you....

ATNM: In your opinion, what's the best song you've ever made? The best lyric you've ever written?

ST: you guys havent heard it yet......I just heard it in my dreams last night....

Not the Best Lyric...this is just some exclusive...

"Now niggaz wanna hate all on me, but they all corny, wat they say dont harm me/ New watches stay all charmy, wit a gang of niggaz that stay on army time/So if they wanna harm me fine/ Foggy lenses and gun metal benzez/ jealousys a bitch when ya friends is/ and niggaz wanna live in ya image....."

Fox 5 '10..."Beauty Queen"

ATNM: For people wanting to get to know your music, is there any one song/mixtape you'd recommend?

ST: Go download the WHOLE Fox 5 Series... And become a fan....I make all types of music so if u didnt hear something that appeals to you now....You will find something that will

"Without A Doubt"


"The Show"

"Come Home Wit' Me"

"This Fli LIfe"

"The Greatest Show"

ATNM: Last question - had to do it haha - how's Normalcy sounding? Are you on it?

ST: 2013...Does a bear take a shit in the woods and wipe his ass wit a rabbit?

ATNM: Really appreciate you taking the time to do this, by the way.

ST: Good lookin...I appreciate the love

ATNM: Kind of random thing I just remembered, my mom loves your verse on Talent Entrance. Anyways...haha

ST: Tell ya moms I said thanx...Whats funny is most ADULTS actually LIKE my music more than my age group.....18 to 80

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Greatest Show @ S.O.B's


"She Needs It"


"The Greatest SHow" &

"Come Home With Me"


More to Come.......

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fox 5 2010... "Full Coverage"

So as we near the new year a few things in store for the 1st half....

Lotta new material...

New Album to start off the year...

5 New Projects...The new Fox 5...."Full Coverage"

We gon try a lil something and give the fans a chance to be a part of the process........

If you heard the first series then you know how we do...

We remake classic songs and give them a Tufli Twist....

So what we want You the fan/consumer to do is send in your hottest remake from any of the following artists....



Erykah Badu


New Edition/BBD....

If you are a true music head then we dont need to say anymore...

Send all submissions to



The first project drops the 1st month of the Year........

and 1 will drop every month following....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tHe Greatest sHOW!!!!

If youre in town 2nite....


sHOW tuFli.....

Special Surprise Guest?????

A clsSick Show.......

Hey young world....

This is da cuz clasSick chris.....

I'm here to update you all as to whats been up in the world of sHOW tuFLI and anything the last month or so since Show's last post...he's been real busy...We recently shot the visuals for 3 tracks from the Fox 5 project....

"Come Home With Me",

"A Breather", and

"This Fli Life"....

they will be released in the upcoming weeks leading up to the first Official album "esreveRPsychology", due out 01022010.....

Also look out for the new Fox 5 '10.....

This time he's goin to his roots....

The artists will be...and in no particular order...


Erykah Badu

New Edition



Let's hear some suggestions for the last one....

we have someone in mind, but, keeping with the flow....

Wat do you guys want....

And remember...Fox 5 consists of Remakes of Songs of some of Tufli's favortie artists......

we will release the answer nearing the close of Fox 5......

sHow and Charles are still cool so don't ask...and yes the music is on that level so please be prepared for a full takeover.......

2010 is going to be a Game changer

Monday, October 12, 2009

wow fli ish

i need one of these joints, if you want to front this how you front


Monday, September 28, 2009

New Music!

i was in a good mood today and decided me and charles should release some new music, so i hit him up and he said why not
so here it is
the actual song title is "No Particular Reason" but some people are simpy calling it Just Because which is cool, doesnt matter just hope you like it
we felt like doing a song just because one day so we figured that thats what we will make the song about

Saturday, September 19, 2009


i jus made it a profile on go to .. i plan on doing alot more shows, gigmaven is going to help with booking venues. and any shows i have upcoming will be listen on my profile

today is mayweather vs. marquez .. mayweather is gonna knock this nigga out.. he got 2.. its kinda hard to find someone that wants to bet otherwise.. but thats wat i'll be doing tonight.. i might b shooting a short video tonight too, something light, im not sure yet

i seen some post on twitter and some websites stating charles hamilton got dropped, as of now i dont know how true that is.. i jus spoke to charles yesterday and he didnt mention it.. but at the end of the day thats still my boy and we still gonna make music.. im still gonna chase my dreams.. and im sure he will as well, nuff sed


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Via ChrisdotRivera

im dead on the verge of listening to this cudi cd again...
just to get away from the re runs of old demev music all day LOL....
its yall fault we expect so much
like when u a kid n u dread getting a A cuz they gon expect it always...
yall cant just be cutting us off like this...
chuck n DEMEV AS A GROUP need to work out they issues for the sake of MUSIC....
and i pray you aint going through the problems like them...
cuz you aint to public with nothing.....

Just some words i wanted to repost. Hopefully Charles and the whole demevolist will read this..
and for the record im still cool with the whole Demev, more than you'd think..



Reverse psychology is a persuasion technique involving the false advocacy of a belief or behavior contrary to the belief or behavior which is actually being advocated. This technique relies on the psychological phenomenon of reactance, in which a person has a negative emotional response in reaction to being persuaded, and thus chooses the option which is being advocated against.

It is often used on children due to their lack of psychological understanding and higher rate of reactance.

A well-known example of reverse psychology is the Looney Tunes cartoon Rabbit Fire, where Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck are trying to convince Elmer Fudd it's the hunting season for the other species and not their own. After a back-and-forth with Bugs proclaiming "Duck season!" and Daffy "Wabbit [rabbit] season!", Bugs switches to say "Rabbit season!", to which Daffy begins saying "Duck season!"- even going to far as to exclaim "I say it's duck season, and I say, FIRE!"

I have to go against Hip Hop to save it.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

ReversePsychology update

the album is no longer being released on halloween.. im changing the date to 1/2/2010.. 01022010 << its the same date when its reversed..
i want the album to be big.. i also want to take more time in recording and choosing tracks for the album, if any producers want to be on the album hit me up at album is gonna have a smooth soulful vibe so keep that in mind)
task: change peoples perspective of music
stay tuned
i will be dropping music before the album as well so u wont have to wait till next year to hear new music


Friday, September 4, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

My side

Body Roc was posted on the blogs today.. it is an old song.. it says charles feat. me but it was actually my song and me on the hook as well.. i read a couple of comments saying it was charles.. but it isnt from the album comin out on halloween.. this was on youtube for a while.. ReversePsychology will have nothing but new music..
if u dont have Body Roc here it is


Saturday, August 22, 2009


Be There!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Uniplanetary Evolution Theory

not my beliefs or anything, jus something to think about, i found it pretty interesting.. maybe theres some truth to it maybe there isnt any truth to it, you decide


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lmao Drake edition

yoo this nigga is an asshole, loll, this shit is too silly, peep him reading off the blackberry


Coming Up

NOw alot of people have been asking me when am i performing, when am i gonna start performing.. well i have 2 shows coming up.. im performing at a venue on the 22nd, Nate jus told me about it.. i'll give u guys all the details when i find out all the details, just a heads up
and i am also performin at the Atmos 4th Anniversary party on Sept. 3 on 125th Adam Clayton Powell in Harlem NY.. im excited about this.. all my homies is gonna b if your in Harlem come thru, shuld b fun
still working on the album, planning a listening party and a release party so look out for that 2
i neeed somebody 2 do my blog over!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


last night i attended the release party for Esso and Woody's Off The Wall project.. it was crazy, i had a good time, lots of people were there.. even Charles Hamilton! lol .. congrats to Esso and Woody.. the album is dope if u dont have it yet , download it now

still workin on ReversePsychology.. i have about 6 songs done so far.. still waitin on more beats.. i might be working with Seven on this album too, which is XV's producer.. so yea, its gon b crazy.. jus b patient.. im thinkin about releasing it on Halloween, feel me? and um watever doesnt make the album i will put out anyway..


Monday, July 27, 2009

Freestyle CDR

this was a lil freestyle i spit while on Crack Distributors Radio, i enjoyed myself that day


Friday, July 24, 2009

Celebrate Addiction

here is a new well old song that was leaked..

i actually recorded this song when i was 17, around the time when i first got out the hospital from having a stroke..

people may think the song is jus about a girl but i was literally heroin in the song.. and i was talkin to a girl that was on heroin as if we were in a relationship.. i sed lines like "i inject in her vains thru the ink pens" .. the girl was struggling with her addiction to the point where her boyfriend left her and she became suicidal.. the song is deep and i tried to not make it so obvious that i was actually heroin , but if u listen closely u will understand.. i wrote the song as if it was a movie,, i can actually picture the whole video in my head every time i hear it.. this is one of my favorite songs by myself. so enjoy


Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Thought

wen things get a lil rough i find myself listening to john mayer all over again.. if u listen he says some of the realest shit that almost anyone can relate to..whether it be about everyday life or relationships..continuum is like therapy to me as i sit hear listenin to "I dont trust myself with loving you".. the realest line he said on this is "i will beg my way into your garden, and then i'll break my way out when it rains, just to get back to the place where i started, so i can want you back all over again" .. some relationships are funny, and it seems as tho they leave and come back and leave and come back.. but hey its part of life

i gotta chill out and focus on my future more, imma stop smoking for a while and see where it gets me, see wat kind of mind frame it puts me in.. i jus wanna try something new..

im still working on ReversePsychology .. and it will be my best work so far.. thats why im making a couple changes in my life.. im at a point where sumthin needs to happen.. something needs to change so imma start with myself

today was a slow day, i stayed home all day, sumtimes i need to jus stay in the house and have some time to myself and with my family.. lets see what tommoro brings


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today I will be on Crack Distributors Radio @ 6pm .. go to to hear the interview.. will be talkin about fox 5 series, and plans for the future..
shout out to Shine, Chance, Holley Monelle, and Jintrovert.. thanks for letting me come on your show.. everybody tune in..


Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I kno im going to hear "y this wasnt on the greatest show, y that wasnt on the greatest show".. the tracklisting was picked with a certain feel and flow to it.. i wanted it 2 sound like a real album instead of a greatest hits.. so certain songs didnt really fit.. i also wanted 2 keep it down to 14 tracks and still ended up with 15.. so dont get mad if one of your favorite tracks isnt on it please lol..
i hope u guys enjoy


Saturday, July 4, 2009

Pollitically Incorrect

Statin my independence on this one.....

Jus a lil something to show...It's not always about the flash...

But this is one way we can reach The Fli Life.....

Malcom X:

Friday, July 3, 2009

Do You......

Want ME?????

The Greatest Show....

Will be droppin 7/7.....a blessed will be the best songs from The Fox 5 Series....

Any suggestions||????......It's already done, but i'd like to see what yall want.....

Also check the next post for some new musick to hold you over for the 4th.......

Thursday, July 2, 2009


so currently im workin on an ep, me woody and charles discussed it and we are aiming to release it in late august/ september .. im lookin for other dope producers to work on it as well .. im still tryna figure out who i wuld like to feature on it.. not 2 many , no more than 3 people.. the ep is titled ReversePsychology .. lol i like that name .. with the whole fox 5 it wasnt like i wasnt taking it serious i jus know i culd go harder.. i really wanted 2 c who wuld fuck with me for me .. i wanted 2 know who and if people even would accept me .. thats how me and charles came up with the name for the next ep..
i am also doing a project with woody titled yellow pagess .. woody has been swamped with work so im not sure when this will be done, i'll keep u guys updated..
i also apologize for my lack of blogging.. anyone who knows me knows im a laid back dude and i dont talk much but watever, imma blog more, even if i have nothing 2 say.. so wen u c me on twitter remind me 2 UPDATE MY BLOG ..
im upstate at the studio now, jus recorded a song with a janet sample... dope.. im about 2 head back 2 harlem in a minute.. this weekend is july 4th should be dope.. my cousin john is celebrating his bday 2morro so happy early birthday 2 him even tho he wont read this since he's like never on the internet but watever lol


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


jus wanted 2 say im a lil overwhelmed with the feedback i been getting on This Fli Life.. it was very unexpected.. but i do appreciate it very much, im happy you guys enjoyed it.. this really means alot 2 me.. motivation to keep making music so stay tuned..

life is funny..its ironic.. damn i cant find the right word 2 say but it seems as if things are planned jus gonna continue doing wat im doin and hopefully i'll b at the top someday


by the way
for those of you who have been asking about charles.. charles is fine, he is laying low for a lil while but he's good.. as far as i kno this perfect life will not b droppin YET unless charles tells u guys something different. i dont like speakin on situations that are not mines but i have been asked alot and i know some people have been worried.. also me and charles are still friends for the people who been thinking otherwise (dont even understand where that would come from)..All Love

Monday, June 15, 2009

A clasSick Show presents:

As Promised......

sHOW tuFLI???

Near The End Of Fox 5

so fox 5 is over tonight at 12 am.. alot of people have been asking what mynext move..
well i will not crawl into a hole and u never hear about me again.. im gonna keep putting music out consistently.. u shuld b seeing alot more of me.. now that u guys have enough music to pick from and put on ya ipods im free to do more.. i can spend more time on projects and songs.. please note that everything that was done during Fox 5 is songs i did in a week to 3 week span.. so now i feel like its a lil stress off my shoulders as far as releasing music.. dont get me wrong i really enjoyed doing Fox 5 and will be doin a Fox 5 part 2 in the near future..
Fox 5 really helped me improve as an artist, it was the first 5 projects ever released by myself.. im still only 19 and have alot of time to grow as a person as well as an patient with me
so thank everyone that has been listenin 2 this "yung kid from Harlem who hangs out with Charles Hamilton"..
thank the whole demevolist, hcho, b/a, nate, prove, j means, isa, apryl, woody, hitmen Beat Assasins, Sha-Leik, Saintvil, Black, Jay West, Dara from SubCon, my cuzin clasSick Chris, XV, Esso, Sciryl, 2dopeboyz , .. everyone that put my shit up and of course Charles Hamilton
if i 4got 2 mention u my fault i smoke bud
so until 12 am


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sit Down/Shut It Down....

My next single offa This Fli Life is...."Sit Down"

I also put a lil freestyle in there for yall....."Shut It Down"

Yall gon se alot more from me real next week soon/....

"This Fli Life" June 16th.............

How Fli..........

Sunday, May 31, 2009

I wish I culd do this

this shit is crazzy

homie is nice wit it, i kno he had 2 get injured mad times before
nobody readin this want any kinda problems wit dat man lol true story, and u definitely not catching him
watch imma get my chi lol


I wulda did the same thing if i saw all those sneakers

wen i was younger i used to love sneakers with a passion.. i didnt care about clothes no where near as much as i cared about having some fresh kicks on.. jordans and air max was usually my sneaker of choice from about 1st grade to 10th

lmao this commercial hella funny, da lil homie sed "kobe u ever ate empanadas" "u got over 20 triple doubles can i have one??" lmao


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fli Rock

this shit mean

watchin this really makes me wanna perform with a band
it wuld b crazzy if i got 2 perform with travis barker on the drums, i wuld b extra hype lol
a band brings alot of energy to your performance, u jus feel the music more, its more pure, i wuld like to atleast have a drummer everytime i perform
well we'll c lol
today is my homie Twelvyy Bday or as we call it Gday, hit him up twitter/Twelvyy
and my family is having a memorial cookout celebrating the lives of my grandfather and uncle
should be a good day


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Said It B4

im tryna tell yall look out for this kid,, looks like he bout 2 start blakkin, he's gonna put out videos doin hip hop songs over.. jus like this

Miguel EXCLUSIVE Best I Ever Had (Cover) from Miguel on Vimeo.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come Home With Me


here u go

download it riighhht now, its crazy i promise u
shouts to Esso and XV
and of course Prove, Woody, Hitman and Shaleik

shouts 2 Vado 2, he didnt get a chance 2 b on this but we doin sum work 2gether


Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Single off of Come Home With Me

She Needs It ft. Woody (pause jus in case)
this shuld b one of ya new favorites

download it, it never gets old


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mos Definitely


this video is crazy, song is crack 2


Come Home With Me the Cam Project.. it will b droppin 5/19, the same day as Napoleans Complex by Proven.. im workin on gettin a couple features outside of the team.. be patient with me.. im anxious.. my single is CRAZZY.. imma drop it on thursday..


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some Fli Music

if u dedicate this 2 a girl and she dont appreciate it sumthin is definitely wrong with her, dis nigga was definitely tryna get in the panties without sayin "ya ass is fat" lol.. mattafact imma have 2 use this 2 benefit me, its quiet..

^the original was Tom Petty but i like this one more.. yea i dont jus listen 2 hip hop lol
John Mayer is dope


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

By The Way!

while u download J Means project, hers another project from Fedel.. its called Sign Of The Times.. u kno wat 2 do..i havent heard it yet, bout 2 download it riigght now, dig?

sorry i dont have the artwork


Means It

this shit fire, download it it never gets old


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The SHow

SHow TuFli - 'The SHow' (music inspired by Eminem) :::FREE DL:::


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Workiinn On It!

dis nigga charles is hilarious lol


TuFli Vlog # ??


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i sed i wasnt gonna keep puttin post up from worldstar but i had 2, watch the whole video, dis lil nigga went in


Monday, April 20, 2009

Highway Music!

B/A project out now,
support my homie
download it it never gets old
p.s. of course im on it to the dude that asked me that


Future Fli

imma say it here right now, i been listenin 2 this dude 4 a while now, and i think he's the next best r&b pop star

i predicted drake wuld b but i neva mentioned it on here, so from now on, imma voice my predictions
listen 2 as much as his shit as u like,from wat i kno he writes his own music 2, if u listen to r&b u shuld dig it



shout out to the homie Vado.. shout out 2 the whole MH MOST HATED FAM, u already kno.. im happy for V.. Dre and Boe waddup, Lenox Ave waddup!


Thursday, April 16, 2009

LMAO dats wackk

lmao this shit looks like a skit dave chapelle wulda did.. he was wilding, nigga culd not stay still, i hope he did sumthin good with the money instead of getting high as shit, he was killin dem niggas tho lol


Monday, April 13, 2009

Wait No More

Fox 5:WestHarlemSwaggerifikMercedesCrusinMusik

download and enjoy.. Love/Hate Me More!
Fox 5 is back on air, stay tuned!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

U already kno!

thats wat im talkin bout lol, she made it rain, she is 2 bad smh, shit is crazy
lol i fukk wit fab, alot of niggas compare our swags to eachothers, he hugged her for making it rain, dats sum shit i wulda did lol
o by the way stoopp askking me who the baddest chick in the game is, cant you tell by now??


Still Cant Buy Liquor

todays is my bday
i turn 19 today
im not partying 2 hard
cop a bottle of rose and hang wit sum friends
im not goin hard till i turn 21
so yea feel free to be as cocky as possible
thank everybody 4 the bday love so far


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashion Avenue!

is my first single on whsmcm.. here is the link

the song explains itself, enjoy
p.s. the next single is retarded


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

wats next?

yes ladies and gentleman, that is officially the title for my next project.. dropping next week.. i told yall 5.. alright? alright? (lol cam was dead funny when he said that shit on worldstar)
lol but stay tuned Fox 5


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Can I Live??

this looks very similar

to this

werd my nigga??? aight, thats wassup..


Thursday, April 2, 2009

OK so listen

the outkast project is being pushed back a week.. not cause im slacking and cant keep up with every two weeks, chill lol, but its because oppurtunites are coming 2 make the project bigger and get better promotion.. so jus be patient. the first single is done like i said b4.. but we gonna put it out this weekend b4 tuesday.. so check back here..


Monday, March 30, 2009

Next Up on Fox 5

ok so i have officially started workin on the outkast project.. its comin out how i wanted.. the music is gonna b a lil spacey.. u kno?.. more creative than the last one.. if it sounds 2 different dont worry.. im jus doin my thang my thang lol... nah but i want every project on this fox 5 series 2 sound different.. so jus rock out wit me.. the first single is called Fashion Avenue.. its dropping tonight so look out for that.. its pretty much a record 2 get fly and feel real cocky too.. it might b the only record on the project like that the other songs are more on sum reall shit,, however i ws feeling wen i wrote it.. and its produced by Woody soo..


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Her album came out the same day as my project

the kanye nigga gotta chill tho, werd!


Without A Doubt


heres the link

this is the first project off of the Fox 5 series.. this was more like an introduction to me.. i hope you enjoy it.. the next project im gonna b doin is the outkast one.. and its only gettin better.. stay tuned


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Texas BBQ

so im sitting in the Hilton Garden Inn.. im jus chillin listening 2 beats, chuck is playing the new beats he made while out here.. im enjoying texas but still thinking about home.. i left alot back at home..(hold on my boi sean calling me) so i've been performing with chuck, got interviewed at a show yesterday.. went to a lounge where a rock band played, walked the streets of sxsw.. and its better than i expected, i wasnt 2 sure if i would like this "Texas Trip" but its we performed at a barbershop.. but like in the backyard of a barbershop.. and it was deadass a stage outside.. that was my first time like performin outside.. it reminded of the scene in the movie old school when snoop performed at the party lol in the middle of our performance i noticed the crowd started 2 get real excited at a random part of the i looked behind me and it was a old lady on the roof dancing lol.. shit was dope..she was waving her hands in the sky the crowd was waving their hands with her..shit was crazy..sum footage should be up 2morro
.. 2morrow is a big day.. so i decided 2 cool out at the hotel..gotta get up early..
i kinda feel out of my zone right now but im adjusting..bout to rest
dream love prolly a new song title


SXSW DAy 2 Homie!

shit was crazy, not so good day 1 but good day 2, sum mardi gras type shit, i like SXSW



this wuld only happen 2 Chuck lol

Video Blog # 2!

this was like 3 days ago but fukk it, i been busy


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally Uploaded!

first video blog, there shuld b many more 2 come..


Sunday, March 15, 2009

How Can I

new single off of Without A Doubt, which is the first project off the Fox 5 series


Thats Wassup!

null - Watch more free videos

these niggas is real lol.. they was not goin down, they turned it all the way up
im wak for the title 2, but coming from harlem we do not like any kind of authority.. its one thing 2 protect and serve, its another thing 2 power trip and harrass,feel me?
in this case i don't kno the circumstances but something must of happened for the problem 2 escalate to an all out brawl


Friday, March 13, 2009

PAUSE of the century...

AYO thursday flow lol


Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Demevolist 1st order of Business disc 2

this is the link for disc 2

by the way Charles will be on Late Night with carson Daly tonight at 1:30 not last night lol, so check that out shuld b cool.. im performing with him 2


Monday, March 2, 2009

Needs to Be Adressed

lol aight so 2night Demevolist First Order Of Business Disc 2 is dropping..

also Charles is going 2 be on Carson Daly Late NIght (PAUSE thats the od pause my fault) on March 3, so i think that might technically be tonight, if not 2night 2morro night..

yea thats it



Penn State showed us wild love, we really appreciate that.. we had fun performing, the crowd was hype and had alot of energy.. we also had fun after the show, we stuck around, and hung out on campus and off campus.. them penn state niggas party hard
i actually was signing autographs and taking pictures, that shit was crazy
check me out on facebook A. Show Hunter

Friday, February 27, 2009

No Lisence No Permit!

lol i been on my driving shit lately, its cool , i want a car now.. but i kno im not gonna like driving 2 long, i wanna get paid so i culd have sumone drive me around..
this is me and chuck in la cruisin... sonic and tails go to hollywood type shit lol

ok now im currently waitin 4 hcho 2 pik me up, we are goin 2 penn state 2 perform

umm maybe i'll talk about the la trip later, or maybe i'll jus let yall watch carson daly on march 7th lol


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U mighta seen these

idk y the picture is gettin cut off, it looks like im showing u my tattoo but fuk it

these are the beats by dr dre earplugs.. these shits sound as good as the first ones.. imma start posting random shit like this lol..
currently packing to go to l.a. this is my first time goin, kinda excited, kinda not becuz of wat i heard about sum of the people but watever.. imma b show regardless.. u shuld see me on carson daly performin with chuck so look out for that.. hollaback

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

jus reppin my hood

if u kno me u kno ralph lauren polo is one of my favorite lines.. thus the song title ralph lauren for a song that was about where im from (Polo Grounds).. rugby is my shiit.. i ran into a new video for their new collection.. thought it was dope..figured i'd show you..

Carpe Diem: Rugby 2009 Spring Collection from Travis Gumbs on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hold up hold up

right after i posted the last entry lil wayne won best rap album.. u tryna tell me the carter 3 was better than American Gangster?? u wildin.. see that is exactly y i dont care 2 much for a grammy.. dont get me wrong im happy for wayne but if we goin for wats the best carter 3 wasnt it.. carter 2 was better than carter 3, alot of people think T.I's album was better.. in my opinion Young Jeezy had the best rap album this year.. yea nigga I SED IT Young Jeezy.. The Recession is a classic... u culd listen 2 every song on there.. and the theme was perfect for the time.. it had the most meaning.. but watever.. Carter 3 right? aight


i aint gon front, they fronted..M.I.A was pregnant and still had a swagger.. im jus kinda tight this nigga kanye got a mullet b4 me.. it wuld b him 2 get one b4 me 2..
the grammys overall was trash.. its most likely gonna b trash until me and chuck is there.. i dont care 2 much 4 a grammy but i kno chuck wants one bad..imma b hype if he atleast gets nominated.. good luck chuck!
i recorded sum more shit 4 my project, imma change sum shit up , i like how its comin along tho

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This shit here nucca

is FIRE!

i always knew Michael Jackson was great.. but it was moreso from what people where telling me.. i never really listened cuz it was like alright so many people love him he must b great.. but recently i got high and listened to thriller.. that shit is blacking.. its no music like that.. but this shit is like my favorite off that album.. at 2:45 he jus starts blakkin.. imma have to play this song for a nice female

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lmao i went thru sum shit like this

lmaoo this lil dude is high as shit.. this is funny.. i thought about the time wen i went to the dentist to get my teeth pulled for braces.. they gave sum medicine that had me like him for a good.. damn i dont even knoo how long.. all i remember is me and the dentist was in a jail still sittin in the dentist seat while flying and spinning in the air.. lol had 2 b the highest i ever been

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

umm not so pleasant overthinkin

so lately i've been thinkin alot.. i have prolly been overthinkin .. i notice wen i think too much i dont get shit done.. i start 2 doubt, i have to start KNOWING again... and jus b comfortable.. i knew i would get to this point in my life.. i even knew when i got to this point in my life there was a chance that in fact i might think too much and start to worry about things.. its nuthin tho, i'll gett past it
the new Demevolist track called NO HUDDLE was put out today, 2dopeboyz put MADDEN 2010 as the title of the song.. but the song is actually called No Huddle, no i am not on the song but demev is demev so chek that out.. heres the video

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another entry

ok homie Biggavil sed i gotta keep heres another entry... lets see..2day i went 2 the studio in the city, we had a meeting, discussed upcomin events and projects etc. .. the meetin led to another episode of ayo week is gonna b crazy lol.. i was about 2 record this track but i culd hardly keep my eyes open while im typin.. it took me like 10 minutes 2 get this far..
o yea yesterday ,,wait was it yesterday?? (nah show, technically the day b4 yesterday) i performed with chuck downtown, freeway also performed.. the vibe from the crowd was real weird..dont really like performin @ events wen the majority of the crowd is fellow "artist"..
currently im in the demevolair, about 2 go 2 sleep..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration party..listenin 2 go go

so i spent my inauguration weekend in DC of course.. it's crazy out there right now.. i performed and went 2 a couple events with charles.. it was kool.. they love him. umm got 2 c epmd perform.. eric sermon even grabbed the mic while we were performin and cosigned charles..shit was dope..

also went to this BET inauguration party saw nick cannon, akon, common ripped his performance, 9th wonder, and bun b is a kool dude..
i listened 2 go go for a bout 2 hours in this club, they go crazy 4 that shit out there, imma bring that shit 2 harlem..

shout out 2 the 2 ladies in paint.. literally in panties bra and paint lol.. they wanted 2 come thru 2 where we were staying but we was in a friends house so it was quiet, double 00

shout out 2 Barack didnt get 2 c him but the feelin in DC is od right now, its jus a good ass feelin right now, glad i got 2 experience that


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


charles mentioned it on his blog...basically i am workin on a project similar to the hamiltonization project.. it will b five different mixtapes.. i will choose 5 of my favorite rappers and do a mixtape for each.. i will b doin songs over their instrumentals, however charles, woody (pause) and sha-leik will b remixin the instrumentals.. so look 4 dat.. i will get into further details soon..

Fader Mag Show

perfomed wit charles for fader mag, my nigga got the cover.. shit is crazy.. im in dat shit 2 sumwhere in the bak lol.. the show was kool.. we did good.. people keep sayin i was yawning.. i was NOT FUKKIN YAWNING.. i had a cold that day and i culdnt help but 2 cough in between songs..momma taught me 2 cover my mouth so maybe it looked like i was yawning.. but watever
next time i'll try 2 make sure im not sik b4 a show.. but it was still a good show, cant wait till next 1..
gotta get my passport, hopefully i'll b goin 2 places like london and paris (i pronounce it pa- ree, like kanye lol sum tufli shit)