Tuesday, February 3, 2009

umm not so pleasant overthinkin

so lately i've been thinkin alot.. i have prolly been overthinkin .. i notice wen i think too much i dont get shit done.. i start 2 doubt, i have to start KNOWING again... and jus b comfortable.. i knew i would get to this point in my life.. i even knew when i got to this point in my life there was a chance that in fact i might think too much and start to worry about things.. its nuthin tho, i'll gett past it
the new Demevolist track called NO HUDDLE was put out today, 2dopeboyz put MADDEN 2010 as the title of the song.. but the song is actually called No Huddle, no i am not on the song but demev is demev so chek that out.. heres the video

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Jay-Blayde said...

That's the thing when you zone into that "overthinking" process. It's like shooting dice rather if your thoughts when end with a positive or negative resolution.
But thinking, knowing or doing is are 3 different processes. Got to line them up together or like you said....won't shit get done, doubts can effect what psychically gets done. Just follow your music...as in what you write and express. That can never lead you wrong.

That new joint is raw, is it on anything that's dropping soon?