Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U mighta seen these

idk y the picture is gettin cut off, it looks like im showing u my tattoo but fuk it

these are the beats by dr dre earplugs.. these shits sound as good as the first ones.. imma start posting random shit like this lol..
currently packing to go to l.a. this is my first time goin, kinda excited, kinda not becuz of wat i heard about sum of the people but watever.. imma b show regardless.. u shuld see me on carson daly performin with chuck so look out for that.. hollaback


yOung bLiss said...

awww! youre gunna have fun & dont forget Fatburger lol

ToriElla said...

lol..its funny cuz on my sidekick you can see the whole pick.

-and the Carson Daly show so cut off & showed some wack poker shit. wth?!?!

Anonymous said...

Yo TuFli I fux with your rhymes sir. I hope to have you and Mr.Hamilton on my mixtape someday