Sunday, February 8, 2009


i aint gon front, they fronted..M.I.A was pregnant and still had a swagger.. im jus kinda tight this nigga kanye got a mullet b4 me.. it wuld b him 2 get one b4 me 2..
the grammys overall was trash.. its most likely gonna b trash until me and chuck is there.. i dont care 2 much 4 a grammy but i kno chuck wants one bad..imma b hype if he atleast gets nominated.. good luck chuck!
i recorded sum more shit 4 my project, imma change sum shit up , i like how its comin along tho

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Jay-Blayde said...

What's the update on the Fox 5 projects?

To win a Grammy is something.....
watching the damn Grammy's.....naw
The only Grammy's i want right now is in this ounce of piff.Peace