Friday, February 27, 2009

No Lisence No Permit!

lol i been on my driving shit lately, its cool , i want a car now.. but i kno im not gonna like driving 2 long, i wanna get paid so i culd have sumone drive me around..
this is me and chuck in la cruisin... sonic and tails go to hollywood type shit lol

ok now im currently waitin 4 hcho 2 pik me up, we are goin 2 penn state 2 perform

umm maybe i'll talk about the la trip later, or maybe i'll jus let yall watch carson daly on march 7th lol


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

U mighta seen these

idk y the picture is gettin cut off, it looks like im showing u my tattoo but fuk it

these are the beats by dr dre earplugs.. these shits sound as good as the first ones.. imma start posting random shit like this lol..
currently packing to go to l.a. this is my first time goin, kinda excited, kinda not becuz of wat i heard about sum of the people but watever.. imma b show regardless.. u shuld see me on carson daly performin with chuck so look out for that.. hollaback

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

jus reppin my hood

if u kno me u kno ralph lauren polo is one of my favorite lines.. thus the song title ralph lauren for a song that was about where im from (Polo Grounds).. rugby is my shiit.. i ran into a new video for their new collection.. thought it was dope..figured i'd show you..

Carpe Diem: Rugby 2009 Spring Collection from Travis Gumbs on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hold up hold up

right after i posted the last entry lil wayne won best rap album.. u tryna tell me the carter 3 was better than American Gangster?? u wildin.. see that is exactly y i dont care 2 much for a grammy.. dont get me wrong im happy for wayne but if we goin for wats the best carter 3 wasnt it.. carter 2 was better than carter 3, alot of people think T.I's album was better.. in my opinion Young Jeezy had the best rap album this year.. yea nigga I SED IT Young Jeezy.. The Recession is a classic... u culd listen 2 every song on there.. and the theme was perfect for the time.. it had the most meaning.. but watever.. Carter 3 right? aight


i aint gon front, they fronted..M.I.A was pregnant and still had a swagger.. im jus kinda tight this nigga kanye got a mullet b4 me.. it wuld b him 2 get one b4 me 2..
the grammys overall was trash.. its most likely gonna b trash until me and chuck is there.. i dont care 2 much 4 a grammy but i kno chuck wants one bad..imma b hype if he atleast gets nominated.. good luck chuck!
i recorded sum more shit 4 my project, imma change sum shit up , i like how its comin along tho

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This shit here nucca

is FIRE!

i always knew Michael Jackson was great.. but it was moreso from what people where telling me.. i never really listened cuz it was like alright so many people love him he must b great.. but recently i got high and listened to thriller.. that shit is blacking.. its no music like that.. but this shit is like my favorite off that album.. at 2:45 he jus starts blakkin.. imma have to play this song for a nice female

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lmao i went thru sum shit like this

lmaoo this lil dude is high as shit.. this is funny.. i thought about the time wen i went to the dentist to get my teeth pulled for braces.. they gave sum medicine that had me like him for a good.. damn i dont even knoo how long.. all i remember is me and the dentist was in a jail still sittin in the dentist seat while flying and spinning in the air.. lol had 2 b the highest i ever been

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

umm not so pleasant overthinkin

so lately i've been thinkin alot.. i have prolly been overthinkin .. i notice wen i think too much i dont get shit done.. i start 2 doubt, i have to start KNOWING again... and jus b comfortable.. i knew i would get to this point in my life.. i even knew when i got to this point in my life there was a chance that in fact i might think too much and start to worry about things.. its nuthin tho, i'll gett past it
the new Demevolist track called NO HUDDLE was put out today, 2dopeboyz put MADDEN 2010 as the title of the song.. but the song is actually called No Huddle, no i am not on the song but demev is demev so chek that out.. heres the video