Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nigga Pleasee!!

this nigga is on TAPE, wat other proof would you need?? this is how the interview should of went

lmfao the funniest shit right now, dis nigga robert is buggin

Monday, September 8, 2008

ok and now for the vma's

... dat shit was crazy. we was at fight klub chillin and decided 2 watch the shit. i dont think nobody in the world watched the vma's the same way as we watched it.

wtf? i didnt see britney spears all year and she deadass got like 3 awards. chris brown, i kno dat nigga was tight cuz he was nominated for like 2 of the awards she won. if u notice wen she won that last award he started laughing. shit was a mess

the vma's could be summed up in this line right here
"umm ok lil wayne is here, britney has bounced back from hitting "rock bottom", christina had her baby and she is back to work, and umm kanye is going to close the show"- the man who owns mtv lol
which leads me to kanye's performance. that was the best part of the show. i wuld put the video up but youtube is on it's bullshit and the video is no longer available

ooo yeaaa by the way, rihanna??, rihanna my nigga, she never looked dat bad ever. did u c wen she performed with t.i. dammmnn, she a nice tall sweet yamp thing lol, i kno chris breezy had fun after the show

Band of Outsiders Show!

Im not going 2 lie, at first i didnt wanna go, chuck was persistent about me going. this shit was "auracle" (full of aura). Charles was a part of the fashion show. here's a pic of him on the screen
they had my nigga on his fly shit lol
the place was packed. here's a preview of sum button downs. i was eyeing them shits.

and the best part of the fashion show was
got 2 meet kirsten dunst. she's actually pretty cool. she seems down to earth.
look out for the band of outsiders new collection , shit is dope

Thursday, September 4, 2008


went 2 s.o.b's last night. asher roth had a performance. me and charles was chilling wit da nigga. he's a cool dude. the performance was fire i aint gon front. he had the band and all that. my nigga chuck went and played da keys on a song. that shit jus made me wanna get on my shit harder
i learned sum shit being there.
sum shit about the industry. im still preparing myself for this shit. i'll be ready wen the time is right. its nuffin

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Young + Tramp= Yamp

lol chuck u flipped the meaning, but fuck it we changing the meaning, yamps culd now be used 2 describe an attractive woman 2! shuldnt b a problem
Stay on your level
The Death Of The Mixtape Rapper out Now!!
smh lol