Saturday, November 29, 2008


first and foremost my computer had a virus (got it fixed) , which is y i havent been blogging once again..but im currently on a laptop so thats not an excuse..fuk not really a blogger..sumtimes i feel like talkin sumtimes i dont..anywho
im sittin here listenin 2 say you will by kanye.. this song is dead retarded.extra fuego.. i fuk wit kanye.. he knows how 2 adapt.. lost his mom and people think he's losing his mind., the nigga lost his mom!! fuk u want him 2 do? the album is hard.. done with passion.. do ya thing yeezy
on another note thanksgiving jus passed, i have alot 2 b thankful for..2day is the 29th of november 2008, november 30th 2007 was the day i had a stroke.. its been a year, i remember the shit like yesterday, its crazy cuz i have flashbacks about it, i dont think a day goes by where im not scared it might happen again, but fuk it, i gotta keep goin, jus do my thing,, so im thankful im still here, along with all the blessings i have
jus spoke 2 chuck bout shit thats stressing him out, all dis shit will b over soon, we jus gotta move foward
its funny bcuz all the positive shit in my life comes with so much negative, maybe its the time of year
im outtie 4 now, goin 2 c sum high school friends
sHOW tuFli?