Friday, December 19, 2008

Another Episode of Nigga Pleeasse

this nigga do need 2 pack his shit right now and get out the white house.. he still signing treaties and shit.. fuck otta here.. its quiet its a double 00 4 da george bush man.. and we might paint the white house black and still call it the white house lol

Sunday, December 7, 2008

..yea about that virus

i think my computer had a virus for a reason.. the only thing i really use the shit for is music.. and i lost all my music.. i lost that shit for a reason.. i was listening to too much bullshit.. im about 2 listen 2 very little rap.. get on sum other shit.. im still going 2 rap.. but most rappers are jus pollutin my shit.. other genres of music tend 2 have more purpose now..shit is jus said in a different way..the new age of music is about 2 take effect..


waiting 4 the pink lavalamp

jus came from SUNY Oswego.. we performed out there.. it was kind of funny without charles being there.. but it was kool.. i fuk wit Oswego.. cool people there.. shout out to the demevolist dandies!..they were welcoming..i think i went 2 hard at the party tho, i had 2 stay home yesterday and sleep that off.. thats the first time i stayed home on a saturday in a long ass time.. cant wait 2 perform again. im startin 2 like it, its a rush..
2morro is the listening party for the pink lavalamp
and the question is "where is charles??"
(dont worry charles is good, he jus called me,he will b at the listenin party)
i remember around the time he recorded the pink lavalamp, i heard shinin i think it was the same day he recorded it..that shit was and still may be my favorite charles song.. its wen shit started making sense..cant wait 2 hear the album again
"shining.. cant you see??"


Saturday, November 29, 2008


first and foremost my computer had a virus (got it fixed) , which is y i havent been blogging once again..but im currently on a laptop so thats not an excuse..fuk not really a blogger..sumtimes i feel like talkin sumtimes i dont..anywho
im sittin here listenin 2 say you will by kanye.. this song is dead retarded.extra fuego.. i fuk wit kanye.. he knows how 2 adapt.. lost his mom and people think he's losing his mind., the nigga lost his mom!! fuk u want him 2 do? the album is hard.. done with passion.. do ya thing yeezy
on another note thanksgiving jus passed, i have alot 2 b thankful for..2day is the 29th of november 2008, november 30th 2007 was the day i had a stroke.. its been a year, i remember the shit like yesterday, its crazy cuz i have flashbacks about it, i dont think a day goes by where im not scared it might happen again, but fuk it, i gotta keep goin, jus do my thing,, so im thankful im still here, along with all the blessings i have
jus spoke 2 chuck bout shit thats stressing him out, all dis shit will b over soon, we jus gotta move foward
its funny bcuz all the positive shit in my life comes with so much negative, maybe its the time of year
im outtie 4 now, goin 2 c sum high school friends
sHOW tuFli?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


been real busy lately.. performin with this nigga they call charles hamilton.. demevolist music group and shit. we have been working on our 2 first ep's , they are title ayo these niggas went hollywood and the first order of business.. they are goin 2 be crazy.. lately we have been doin shows in the city as well as atlanta, d,c, and virginia.. the next stop will be in boston on halloween..jus updating u on whats been going on.. i havent really been able to update my blog like dat but i will from now on

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nigga Pleasee!!

this nigga is on TAPE, wat other proof would you need?? this is how the interview should of went

lmfao the funniest shit right now, dis nigga robert is buggin

Monday, September 8, 2008

ok and now for the vma's

... dat shit was crazy. we was at fight klub chillin and decided 2 watch the shit. i dont think nobody in the world watched the vma's the same way as we watched it.

wtf? i didnt see britney spears all year and she deadass got like 3 awards. chris brown, i kno dat nigga was tight cuz he was nominated for like 2 of the awards she won. if u notice wen she won that last award he started laughing. shit was a mess

the vma's could be summed up in this line right here
"umm ok lil wayne is here, britney has bounced back from hitting "rock bottom", christina had her baby and she is back to work, and umm kanye is going to close the show"- the man who owns mtv lol
which leads me to kanye's performance. that was the best part of the show. i wuld put the video up but youtube is on it's bullshit and the video is no longer available

ooo yeaaa by the way, rihanna??, rihanna my nigga, she never looked dat bad ever. did u c wen she performed with t.i. dammmnn, she a nice tall sweet yamp thing lol, i kno chris breezy had fun after the show

Band of Outsiders Show!

Im not going 2 lie, at first i didnt wanna go, chuck was persistent about me going. this shit was "auracle" (full of aura). Charles was a part of the fashion show. here's a pic of him on the screen
they had my nigga on his fly shit lol
the place was packed. here's a preview of sum button downs. i was eyeing them shits.

and the best part of the fashion show was
got 2 meet kirsten dunst. she's actually pretty cool. she seems down to earth.
look out for the band of outsiders new collection , shit is dope

Thursday, September 4, 2008


went 2 s.o.b's last night. asher roth had a performance. me and charles was chilling wit da nigga. he's a cool dude. the performance was fire i aint gon front. he had the band and all that. my nigga chuck went and played da keys on a song. that shit jus made me wanna get on my shit harder
i learned sum shit being there.
sum shit about the industry. im still preparing myself for this shit. i'll be ready wen the time is right. its nuffin

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Young + Tramp= Yamp

lol chuck u flipped the meaning, but fuck it we changing the meaning, yamps culd now be used 2 describe an attractive woman 2! shuldnt b a problem
Stay on your level
The Death Of The Mixtape Rapper out Now!!
smh lol

Sunday, August 31, 2008

I wanna thank her mama

i really don't think cassie can make an ugly face, smh , shit is crazy, jus look at her. The only thing she needs is a halo! she culd b my official girl
p.s. this nigga wayne was smacked and buggin while he was looking at her

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art in Harlem

yesterday i went to my homies art exhibit at the "N" on 116th. it was pretty cool. it was good to see my niggas doing their thing. by the way the artist was jay west , d ferg, and l.a. it was an "auracle" event. i met a cool girl too. after the show we had a ciph wit about 15 people.(weed or rappin?, for u 2 decide lol) i didnt think 2 take pics until the end of the show so i only got to take 2. but here they are
these two were done by l.a, when my nigga jabari sends me more flics i'll post them. all art is for sale
shouts to crisco, i shulda got ya paintings in there too, but we planning another one at the denim library soon, i got u

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its not hard to predict the future

as we all kno history repeats itself. it is looking like another world war. it seems as tho russia and iran will join the war soon. open your eyes

Monday, August 11, 2008

its about time somebody did something

sean bell got shot 50 times. those badgers got acquitted. do u know what it means to be ACQUITTED?? acquitted my nigga?? they didnt even have to pick up garbage?? 18 year old boy killed in montreal..which leads to a riot.. dig me??

one of the baddest yamps right now!!

keri wen i see you its on sight
Alot of these industry girls is in trouble wen i sign lol

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nov. 10

Check out my nigga Chucks new video!

Friday, May 23, 2008


First of all im sHOW tuFLI.. the best thing yu ever heard... and dis is my muffukin blog,, i culd write watever bullshit i want.. and yu fukkers gotta read it... jus had 2 let yu kno
P.S. Im very SMAKKED RIGHT now

Thursday, May 8, 2008

RIP Antonio

smh dis shit blew mines.. rip to a trill nigga.. niggas is gon miss a bottle 4 yu homie..c yu wen i get there

Monday, April 28, 2008

Show and Tell

its been a lil minute.. lets see.. i turned 18.. i went 2 miami for a week.. had fun..gotta go bak..came back and made music.. me and charles.. i mean me and sonic finished our mixtape in two days.. shit is crack.. dont gotta talk much more about it but the shit is crack.. will be up soon.. i worked on sum music for the go getter mixtape as well.. we should have a photoshoot this weekend.. trump got sum shit.. my cuz came up so did kenji, they hung out in the studio while we were recording sonic and tails mixtape.. oh yea that shit is crack by the way.. anywho im doin wat i do.same shit different day.jus had 2 catch up wit yall.. more 2 come

Monday, April 14, 2008

Fuk is dis nigga talkin bout

aight gillie we all kno yu aight but yu not quite good enough..i fukked wit yu but undersatnd that you are not the king of philly..he goes 2 cass hood twice and get niggas 2 talk on dvd for wat???? he still not a star.. and for the record everybody got hater niggas in they pretty sure its niggas in cass hood dat fuk wit him..everybody hate a nigga wit money smh
Show TuFli


jus turned 18 in the 11th.. doesn't feel much sayin i been buying dutches its kinda cool..i get 2 be in the 18 and over age bracket now.. im gettin old.. almost on my own.. im startin to know what people mean when they say stay young..i jus had one of the best weekends i had in a long time.. it was kool.. o yea my man Q came home on my bday.. shit was him smakked fresh out.. im off to miami 2morro.. M.I.A in M.I.A listenin to M.I.A
Show TuFli

Sunday, April 6, 2008


yesterday was a interesting day.. i chilled with c ham and hcho.. we had a good conversation about almost everything.. not jus the music business but everything..i learned alot.. hopefully i should be flying out 2 l.a this month..chill, see l.a and work on sum music..that should b an experience.. my album will be titled HOW FLI, which are the last letters in show tufli.. shouts to Demevolist!
Show TuFli or should I say sHOW tuFLI?


imma start by saying most of yall is out of yall mind.. whatever happened to a genuine female?? a non bullshitter.. and stop acting like yall faithful..out of all the girls in the world its about 2 or 3 of yall that dont cheat.. dats a damn shame lol jus had 2 let yall kno that i kno..
on another note: my top female celebs
cassie is badd, umm lauren london, meagan good, kerry washington and many more
and jill scott could get it on a sober night..nah matterfact a sober day

Friday, March 28, 2008


Im startin 2 realize its almost time for me to be a grown up. This week at FDA(my school) it was senior week.. its startin 2 sink in.. im really a senior and im really about 2 go 2 college.. im goin 2 skool in a hour or so and 2day is senior t shirt day and im happy and kind of sad at the same time..damn, friends that i've been in school with since 1st grade i may no longer see.. im tryna make the best of this senior year before i go out into the real world
Show TuFli

Monday, March 24, 2008

Special Dose....

NO$LEEPgetmoney here... shouts to my lil' cuzo...BLOOD runnin through our viens...Just had to post on here cuz you ARE the FUTURE!!! Good Luck on your travels and stay foucused...Look in the sky.....It's sHOWtuFLI.....2wenty4our7even

Sunday, March 23, 2008

New work

Recently i've been working on my mixtape. I realized i've been tryin to make it perfect. So now im just gonna release classiCK.O presents Show"NTell.. which is basically some songs that I did recently and as far as 2 years ago.. I have to make some kind of introduction. The concept I made for the song Show and Tell was to basically introduce myself to the listener. Thus the title for the mixtape, which is my introduction to the listener. I am currently working on other music. (another mixtape, some songs for my album, and classiCK.O music)
Show TuFli

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Beginning

It's amazing what a "stroke" can do to a person. I realized I wasn't living life how I was supposed to. I was playing the game wrong. An appreciation for life and everything in it grew on me. I realized ..its true.. I could really die tomorrow. Prior to this "stroke" , I was at a point in my life where I had doubts in god. Alot changed in my life so fast and it wasnt easy to get used to. My "stroke" (which was really my encounter with god and understanding of life) made me believe. Believe that there's more...more than what you think it is. I fought death and i was given another chance for a reason. Music? We'll see. Whatever I want I must go get it. That's what I will do.
Show Tufli