Sunday, December 7, 2008

..yea about that virus

i think my computer had a virus for a reason.. the only thing i really use the shit for is music.. and i lost all my music.. i lost that shit for a reason.. i was listening to too much bullshit.. im about 2 listen 2 very little rap.. get on sum other shit.. im still going 2 rap.. but most rappers are jus pollutin my shit.. other genres of music tend 2 have more purpose now..shit is jus said in a different way..the new age of music is about 2 take effect..


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Jay-Blayde said...

I feel you on the music. Niggas not putting any effort to it these days. Done went back and started knockin' some Jimi Hendrix thru the 12's in the Buick. Speaking of music, what's the update on your future shit? I got into Charles's shit a few months ago and while I was digging for more of his music I found that "Staff Development" disc and heard "The Life" track, maine... some real shit. Nigga repeated the fuck out that song. Ain't nobody making music like ya'll. Stay up