Sunday, December 7, 2008

waiting 4 the pink lavalamp

jus came from SUNY Oswego.. we performed out there.. it was kind of funny without charles being there.. but it was kool.. i fuk wit Oswego.. cool people there.. shout out to the demevolist dandies!..they were welcoming..i think i went 2 hard at the party tho, i had 2 stay home yesterday and sleep that off.. thats the first time i stayed home on a saturday in a long ass time.. cant wait 2 perform again. im startin 2 like it, its a rush..
2morro is the listening party for the pink lavalamp
and the question is "where is charles??"
(dont worry charles is good, he jus called me,he will b at the listenin party)
i remember around the time he recorded the pink lavalamp, i heard shinin i think it was the same day he recorded it..that shit was and still may be my favorite charles song.. its wen shit started making sense..cant wait 2 hear the album again
"shining.. cant you see??"


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TheFiascoJr. said...

That album is a classic