Thursday, August 21, 2008

Art in Harlem

yesterday i went to my homies art exhibit at the "N" on 116th. it was pretty cool. it was good to see my niggas doing their thing. by the way the artist was jay west , d ferg, and l.a. it was an "auracle" event. i met a cool girl too. after the show we had a ciph wit about 15 people.(weed or rappin?, for u 2 decide lol) i didnt think 2 take pics until the end of the show so i only got to take 2. but here they are
these two were done by l.a, when my nigga jabari sends me more flics i'll post them. all art is for sale
shouts to crisco, i shulda got ya paintings in there too, but we planning another one at the denim library soon, i got u

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