Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hold up hold up

right after i posted the last entry lil wayne won best rap album.. u tryna tell me the carter 3 was better than American Gangster?? u wildin.. see that is exactly y i dont care 2 much for a grammy.. dont get me wrong im happy for wayne but if we goin for wats the best carter 3 wasnt it.. carter 2 was better than carter 3, alot of people think T.I's album was better.. in my opinion Young Jeezy had the best rap album this year.. yea nigga I SED IT Young Jeezy.. The Recession is a classic... u culd listen 2 every song on there.. and the theme was perfect for the time.. it had the most meaning.. but watever.. Carter 3 right? aight


Chancelor Dinkins said...

I agree man. The Recession was the best album of the year, but if I had to choose from the nominees, I'd choose Lupe Fiasco's The Cool. His flow was good throughout and it made you believe his story.

Jay-Blayde said...

I feel you and that's why I don't fuck with the Grammy's like that no more. That shit is more of a popularity contest than what it is to music.

Simply Kay-one said...

Nigga, u trippin on a whole nother level folks. "The Recession" was nowhere near the Grammy nominated joints. "The Cool" and "The Renaisance" trample the heat on Young Jeezy's CD. come on hip hop heads what the fuck yall thinkin bout