Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration party..listenin 2 go go

so i spent my inauguration weekend in DC of course.. it's crazy out there right now.. i performed and went 2 a couple events with charles.. it was kool.. they love him. umm got 2 c epmd perform.. eric sermon even grabbed the mic while we were performin and cosigned charles..shit was dope..

also went to this BET inauguration party saw nick cannon, akon, common ripped his performance, 9th wonder, and bun b is a kool dude..
i listened 2 go go for a bout 2 hours in this club, they go crazy 4 that shit out there, imma bring that shit 2 harlem..

shout out 2 the 2 ladies in paint.. literally in panties bra and paint lol.. they wanted 2 come thru 2 where we were staying but we was in a friends house so it was quiet, double 00

shout out 2 Barack didnt get 2 c him but the feelin in DC is od right now, its jus a good ass feelin right now, glad i got 2 experience that


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