Wednesday, January 14, 2009


charles mentioned it on his blog...basically i am workin on a project similar to the hamiltonization project.. it will b five different mixtapes.. i will choose 5 of my favorite rappers and do a mixtape for each.. i will b doin songs over their instrumentals, however charles, woody (pause) and sha-leik will b remixin the instrumentals.. so look 4 dat.. i will get into further details soon..


Jay-Blayde said...

That's what it is, will be looking for those. Need that real hip hop for '09.-already-

no$leepgetmoney said...

AHHHHHHHHH lil homie doin his thing......2wenty4our7even NO$LEEPgetmoney

Xavier said...

o shit i cant wait for this...just incase you don't know me my name is Xavier a rapper just trying to get signed and notice...but im a big charles hamilton and demevolist im looking for ward to this project and hopefully in the future we can collab...if anything my aim is xaviervanguard13....peace