Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fader Mag Show

perfomed wit charles for fader mag, my nigga got the cover.. shit is crazy.. im in dat shit 2 sumwhere in the bak lol.. the show was kool.. we did good.. people keep sayin i was yawning.. i was NOT FUKKIN YAWNING.. i had a cold that day and i culdnt help but 2 cough in between songs..momma taught me 2 cover my mouth so maybe it looked like i was yawning.. but watever
next time i'll try 2 make sure im not sik b4 a show.. but it was still a good show, cant wait till next 1..
gotta get my passport, hopefully i'll b goin 2 places like london and paris (i pronounce it pa- ree, like kanye lol sum tufli shit)

1 comment:

TheFiascoJr. said...

U and Charles never come to Baltimore. Wats the Hold Up?

Also I read the article about Charles pretty good one. I hope Charles & Max finish masterin that Northpole cause it sound lik the sample is too loud