Wednesday, August 12, 2009


last night i attended the release party for Esso and Woody's Off The Wall project.. it was crazy, i had a good time, lots of people were there.. even Charles Hamilton! lol .. congrats to Esso and Woody.. the album is dope if u dont have it yet , download it now

still workin on ReversePsychology.. i have about 6 songs done so far.. still waitin on more beats.. i might be working with Seven on this album too, which is XV's producer.. so yea, its gon b crazy.. jus b patient.. im thinkin about releasing it on Halloween, feel me? and um watever doesnt make the album i will put out anyway..



.Ashante. said...

Charles showing his face now-a-days
big step lol

ChrisdotRivera said...

thats dope fam cann not wait for reverse psychology...

n thats good charles is being out n partying.. hes young he needs too

and i bet that party was wild

and dont make us go all of september without a sho tufli release .. thatd be insane...

and i heard this 1 song vh1 storytellers with you n charles FAM that song is madd crazy yall should do more verses for it