Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fli Rock

this shit mean

watchin this really makes me wanna perform with a band
it wuld b crazzy if i got 2 perform with travis barker on the drums, i wuld b extra hype lol
a band brings alot of energy to your performance, u jus feel the music more, its more pure, i wuld like to atleast have a drummer everytime i perform
well we'll c lol
today is my homie Twelvyy Bday or as we call it Gday, hit him up twitter/Twelvyy
and my family is having a memorial cookout celebrating the lives of my grandfather and uncle
should be a good day


1 comment:

no$leepgetmoney said...

I was rokin out to dis looking for some up n comin musicians...look in your school.....tell Fly alexander said watup