Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come Home With Me


here u go

download it riighhht now, its crazy i promise u
shouts to Esso and XV
and of course Prove, Woody, Hitman and Shaleik

shouts 2 Vado 2, he didnt get a chance 2 b on this but we doin sum work 2gether



The Lost One ~Sinc3r3~ said...

Dead ass show this is fire..Cant wait til the finale of Fox 5 And further mixtapes bro

Rob said...

this tape was super duper dope why no charles features on here? You saving that all up for the last tape were u dedicate it to him? is it gonna be all new beats or old beats either way this mixtape will hold me down until then good shit tufli

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

just like the rest, this joint is ill. Your projects holds that certain quality like your boy's does. Listeners know what to expect from a Show project now & more than expected have been brought 4 times in a roll, so my dude that isn't some fulk shit, its just what it is, some Show shit.
Peace homie

ArtistDFuture said...

yooo...dope..bt where do i get ur older tracks at???....been looking for them for a min...the ones dat were on some of CHs mixtapes??? get at me show....!!!