Monday, September 28, 2009

New Music!

i was in a good mood today and decided me and charles should release some new music, so i hit him up and he said why not
so here it is
the actual song title is "No Particular Reason" but some people are simpy calling it Just Because which is cool, doesnt matter just hope you like it
we felt like doing a song just because one day so we figured that thats what we will make the song about


The Transmitter said...

You just fixed every part of my day.

john said...

Enjoyed very much. Looking forward to more CH and Mr. Tufli collabo songs

Anonymous said...

Hey Show, wanna give a little info about a song with you, Charles, XV, and Esso? like Does it exist and will it be released in the near future?

MG The Wrestler said...

The song was cool as hell man I like that flow

The Transmitter said...

Show, does Charles had a rape charge? This can't be happening.... If something EVER happens to Charles, I swear, life will NEVER be the same again. And I DON'T exaggerate. I'm already unstable. I don't need that damn camel and his supposed straw.

Show Tufli said...

charles does not have a rape charge man, i dont know where you heard that