Thursday, December 17, 2009

Interview with

Show TuFli - The Best Is Yet To Come

Before getting into the interview, much respect to the guy for doing this interview with an up & coming blog like All The New Music.

All The New Music: Ok, first off, what can we expect from the album? Production from Woody? Charles Hamilton? Any collaborations?

Show TuFli: Out in Cali right now...recording............

The Album is ReversePsychology and it drops 01022010...get it??? But you can expect the usual suspects on the album and some surprises, all original music.collabos will be a surprise... The album actually tells the story of the way i came into music by showing the differnt eras and styles of music that influenced me. Its broken in parts and each style of music will represent the period of life i was in at that point or where we are going to take music... We kinda wanna bring the substance back to where when you listened to an album str8 thru, you were there in that moment....Think..."The Love Below" meets "The Chronic" meets "Illmatic" at an Erykah Badu and Linkin Park concert.....

Also Look out for Fox 5 '10 "Full Coverage" dropping at the top of the year....

ATNM: Kind of a random question, but how'd you come up with your name? It took me a minute to get the How Fli thing haha.

ST: Your really the first one to ask...I used to go by the name Showtime when i started rappin at 14, 15....and in the hood they used to call my pops Fly, for obvious i was always a little him so I was 2Fly.....Then I wanted something original, I really didnt want to run wit it, but my cuz can tell the future, and it always seems corny, but rings he said run wit Show 2Fly and i just spelled it different...But yeah anything I do has substance and a story,..... nuthing is for no reason...

ATNM: Who got you into hip hop? Any album/rapper in particular that has influenced your style?

ST: I really grew up on R&B....My uncle really only listened to R&B so thats my nature, and i used to sing in a choir when i was young so music was always there. But when I was like 12 or 13 my voice started to change and my cousin was doing his thing with the music so i just started to gravitate towards rap....Shouts to the homie Timeout........I listened to all kinds of rappers but we keep it close wit the influences...always looking to influence others and give style to the world...Original, Classick, Timeless

ATNM: For aspiring rappers, when did you start writing/rapping? What advice would you offer anyone trying to get into rapping?

ST: Like I said i always been doing music, but the first time i laid a track down was 15....but i been writing since about 12.and I'm only 19!!!

...Trying to get in the game.....First ima keep it funky.....If your music aint quality and your making the same thing thats hot now!!....give it up..You have to always be Future..and if not gotta make them see the light....them being the labels or people in general........We are all not meant to be artists....Yeah thats the thing right now, to be an artist....But now,, we need Lawyers for the artists, Doctors, Judges, Teachers....We need to be the people in control.....Thats my plan... to get in the game and make changes....Thats what RP is about....the music draws you in, but its the message in the lyrics that keep you....

ATNM: In your opinion, what's the best song you've ever made? The best lyric you've ever written?

ST: you guys havent heard it yet......I just heard it in my dreams last night....

Not the Best Lyric...this is just some exclusive...

"Now niggaz wanna hate all on me, but they all corny, wat they say dont harm me/ New watches stay all charmy, wit a gang of niggaz that stay on army time/So if they wanna harm me fine/ Foggy lenses and gun metal benzez/ jealousys a bitch when ya friends is/ and niggaz wanna live in ya image....."

Fox 5 '10..."Beauty Queen"

ATNM: For people wanting to get to know your music, is there any one song/mixtape you'd recommend?

ST: Go download the WHOLE Fox 5 Series... And become a fan....I make all types of music so if u didnt hear something that appeals to you now....You will find something that will

"Without A Doubt"


"The Show"

"Come Home Wit' Me"

"This Fli LIfe"

"The Greatest Show"

ATNM: Last question - had to do it haha - how's Normalcy sounding? Are you on it?

ST: 2013...Does a bear take a shit in the woods and wipe his ass wit a rabbit?

ATNM: Really appreciate you taking the time to do this, by the way.

ST: Good lookin...I appreciate the love

ATNM: Kind of random thing I just remembered, my mom loves your verse on Talent Entrance. Anyways...haha

ST: Tell ya moms I said thanx...Whats funny is most ADULTS actually LIKE my music more than my age group.....18 to 80


bfears said...

great interview. got this new runnin on repeat. got it off but cant wait til 01022010 i know ur gone drop a classic. & i cant wait til the new fox 5. keep it up show!

ChrisdotRivera said...

homie that first freestyle is OD

man glad u in hip hop homie!!

keep making hits Running was SICK shits on repeat now!!!

cant wait too hear the music u got coming,
and hope too get to do a interview with you 1 day homie haha

but i pray for your success hopefully u can succeeded in the game

and great interview, shouts out to the ppl doing it!!

hope to get the music out,

and tell CH quit bullshitting lol, normalcy been pushed back more than rebirth!!

haha chill

peace homie!!

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