Thursday, April 2, 2009

OK so listen

the outkast project is being pushed back a week.. not cause im slacking and cant keep up with every two weeks, chill lol, but its because oppurtunites are coming 2 make the project bigger and get better promotion.. so jus be patient. the first single is done like i said b4.. but we gonna put it out this weekend b4 tuesday.. so check back here..



poetik517 said...

take ya time , show .
i'm patient .
will be on thee lookout tho .
keep 'doin [yur] thang , [yur] thang' =]

Dragon Outlaw King said...

Take your time. You can't rush greatness. Try and put it out in a torrent too tho. It's free and you can get it downloaded more that way too. It's a bit easier than zshare too.

JayBlayde/Gambitt said...

The 1st project still knocks.
So rush my dude.


no rush man so does that mean its commin out on april 14th. yo just givin an idea but u should use hootie hoo by outkast